Advancing Medicine

Infectious Diseases Clinical Trials Offering Full Safety and Confidentiality
Expanding the Science for Effective Preventions and Treatments

Primary Focus

The Clinical Alliance for Research and Education – Infectious Diseases (CARE-ID) provides treatment and prevention strategies for infectious diseases focusing on community needs by advancing the practice of medicine. Public interest and participation in infectious diseases research is essential to moving science forward. Together we can stay ahead of resistant infections, as well as develop safer and more effective treatments.

Decades of Experience

CARE-ID investigators have over 30 years of clinical research experience in testing new therapies for infectious diseases (ID). Using scientifically designed research studies (“clinical trials”) we join together with individual volunteers and pharmaceutical companies to evaluate experimental medicines. Our study volunteers are vital to helping find safer and more effective treatments and preventions. Accordingly, we thoroughly protect their safety and confidentiality.

Evaluating New Therapies

Best Practices

Infectious diseases research delivers new therapies by translating clinical trial results into patient care treatment and infection prevention guidelines. At CARE-ID we are dedicated to providing excellent research studies and exceptional patient care.

Broad Application

Our research has broad application because infectious diseases can involve nearly every medical specialty. Successful studies lead to published results that give doctors and nurses essential information across a wide range of care needs; from primary care, to hospital care, to rehabilitation care, and more.


Infectious diseases specialists are often referred to as medical detectives. Years of experience along with timely, well-designed research provide the foundation for advancing treatments and prevention methods to the level of best practices in medical care.